Optional. E.g.
Header-Name-1: value1
Header-Name-2: value2

Rules for considering the cron job execution successful or failed by the response from your cron job script:

(1) Consider failed when the HTTP Status is NOT 2xx (e.g. 200, 201, etc.).

(2) When the HTTP Status is 2xx,

Regular expression examples:
xxyyzz means if responded HTTP message body contains text xxyyzz.
^xxyyzz$ means if responded HTTP message body is text xxyyzz.
xx.*zz means if responded HTTP message body is text xxANYSTRINGzz (ANYSTRING could be any string of any length).
For more information bout the regular expressions supported, access the syntax of Google re2.

When using POST, PUT and PATCH method, above parameters will be sent in var1=value1&var2=value2 format in request body.
When using other methods, above parameters will be merged to your webhook URL.

Note: After finishing above settings, choose one of the following options to proceed. After logging in, you may add more cron jobs.

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