Cron Job Scheduler is a tool that EasyCron developed for simplifying cron job configuring process.

By using Cron Job Scheduler, an user can set up cron job with one click without any knowledge in Linux, crontab, or other related software.

If you're a software/extension developer, you can introduce Cron Job Scheduler to your users by using a simple interface described below (You can still earn commssions, check out our Affiliate Program).

Example Link

You can form a link in following format:

and place it in your software/extension's internal panel.

Once your user clicks on the link, he or she will be brought to our Cron Job Scheduler with:

  • cron job URL populated with;
  • test first field unchecked;
  • cron job executing time specifying method as specified with interval;
  • executing inveral as every 2 minutes.

With all necessary cron job information already set correctly, your users can set up the cron job successfully with one click (plus signup and login if needed).

Cron Job Scheduler GET Method Interface

url (Optional)
URL to call. With http:// or https://. We will call this URL at time you specified.
specifiedBy (Optional)
Define the cron job execution time specifying way. Allowed values:
1: Use the "interval" way.
2: Use the "cron expression" way.
Default to 1.
specifiedValue (Optional)
Define the cron job execution time information.
If the specifiedBy parameter is set to 1:
Allowed values of specifiedValue:
1: Every minute.
2: Every 2 minutes.
3: Every 3 minutes.
4: Every 4 minutes.
5: Every 5 minutes.
6: Every 6 minutes.
7: Every 10 minutes.
8: Every 12 minutes.
9: Every 15 minutes.
10: Every 20 minutes.
11: Every 30 minutes.
12: Every hour.
13: Every 2 hours.
14: Every 3 hours.
15: Every 4 hours.
16: Every 6 hours.
17: Every 8 hours.
18: Every 12 hours.
19: Every day.
20: Every 2 days.
21: Every 3 days.
22: Every 5 days.
23: Every 10 days.
24: Every 15 days.
25: Every month.
26: Every week.

If the specifiedBy parameter is set to 2:
Allowed values of specifiedValue are valid cron expression.

No matter specifiedBy is 1 or 2, the default value of specifiedValue is empty string.
cronJobName (Optional)
Cron job name.
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