User Question:

I just found out about your service, which is great since my provider blocks cron jobs.

I have configured one cron job (all I need) but it keeps saying that it has failed, but actually it is running prefect? I can see on the admin part on my site that is has run. And after 2 failed jobs it is being disabled. could you please help me with this?

EasyCron Answer:

After a cron job is running more than 5 seconds (for Free plan. For paid plans, cron timeout limit will be much longer. Check more at plan page), we consider it as failed and will stop the cron job. But in your server side, the cron script may continue running if it is configured to ignore client end abort (check if you're using PHP).

For Free Plan, after two consecutive failures, easycron will disable the cron job automatically.

If you want to further check how long has your cron script run, you can manually test the cron job by clicking the beaker link. If your cron job runs more than 10 seconds, maybe you could consider upgrading to a paid plan to raise the cron timeout limit and error tolerance.