User Question:

just want to ask why our scheduled cron job for a certain domain is always setting to off status without even editing it. we have no idea on why this is happening. we just noticed it to customers that they haven't received any notification so we checked easy cron and found out that the scheduled task is turned off.

EasyCron Answer:

I am sorry for the problem. Could you let me know what domain is your cron job accessing? If the cron job is disabled, generally it's because of the consecutive failures of the cron job (cron job timeout happens or network problems). After specific times (For Free plan, 2 times, for Max plan and Zen plan, your cron job will never be disabled) of consecutive failures, easycron disable a cron job.

Our suggestion here is, enable the email notice feature, so if a cron job is disabled, you will get an email immediately, then you can take further action.