User Question:

I had set up EasyCron and had it running every 10 minutes on On 8/26/2013 at 5:21 it stopped running. When I checked my control panel here I noticed it was set to "Off". I did not change it. How did this happen? How can I prevent it in the future?

EasyCron Answer:

Did you receive email notification from EasyCron about disabling your cron job?

We disable cron job automatically if your cron job encounters specific consecutive failures (Generally due to cron job execution timeout, network unreachable, or network issue between your server and EasyCron). We will notify user about the disabling.

To get longer cron timeout limit (from 5 secs to 60 secs or more) or strong error tolerance (from 2 times to 20 or more) , you may upgrade your plan at

Let me know if you still have question.