I installed DJ-MediaTools on my server, and I want to set up a cron job to trigger DJ-MediaTools' cron job script. What should I do to set up the cron job?


As recommended by DJ-Extensions officially at here, you may use EasyCron to trigger cron job script in DJ-MediaTools.

Our webcron service is best for triggering DJ-MediaTools' cron job script. Just follow below simple steps to configure cron job for your DJ-MediaTools:

  1. Open your
    , click on "Create New Cron Job" button.
  2. In field "URL to call", enter:
    (replace with your install location). Choose an appropriate cron job execution frequency. Checkout below screenshot:

    Set up cron job for DJ-MediaTools
  3. If necessary, finish the other optional settings.
  4. Click "Create Cron Job" button. You're done! EasyCron will trigger your DJ-MediaTools' cron job script dutifully according to your time setting.
  5. If you haven't registered your EasyCron account yet, click on the "add a password" link on the top to add an email and password to your account.