By using EasyCron, you are agreeing to the following privacy policy.

Information Collection and Use

EasyCron may collect and ask you for personally identifiable information when you visit or use our website, including email address, password. We may also collect information that Piwik web analytic tool collects. We may use this information for several purposes to:

  • improve the content you see,
  • fulfill your requests for certain services and information,
  • contact you,
  • audit, research and analyze our website and portals and the services that we provide,
  • ensure the technical functioning of our website and portals,
  • develop new services and information.

Password Protection

Your saved password is processed via multiple-MD5 algorithm at EasyCron, and we will not store the plain text of your password.

Third-Party Hosting

EasyCron uses third-party hosting service. Therefore, any information you submit on our website will be stored (if necessary) on a computer server maintained by this third-party host.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

EasyCron will not release your information(email address, password and cron job URLs) to any third-party by default. We need to share your information only if:

  • it’s requested by legal process, court orders or subpoenas,
  • you violate our Terms of Service, and we need to take action to protect the rights of other users or EasyCron,
  • the information recipient works on behalf of EasyCron.