I installed OrangeScrum on my server, and I want to set up a cron job to trigger OrangeScrum's cron job script. What should I do to set up the cron job?


Our webcron service is best for triggering OrangeScrum's cron job script. Just follow below simple steps to configure cron job for your OrangeScrum:

  1. Open your cron job dashboard, add 4 cron jobs one by one. Firstly, click on " Cron Job" button.
  2. In field "URL to call", enter following URLs respectively for each cron job: (set cron job to run 0 23 * * *) (set cron job to run */15 * * * *) (set cron job to run */15 * * * *) (set cron job to run */30 * * * *)
    (replace with your install location). Checkout below screenshot:

    Set up cron job for OrangeScrum
  3. If necessary, finish the other optional settings.
  4. Click "Create Cron Job" button. You're done! EasyCron will trigger your OrangeScrum's cron job script dutifully according to your time setting.
  5. If you haven't registered your EasyCron account yet, click on the "add a password" link on the top to add an email and password to your account.