User Question:

My hosting services struggles with PERL scripts in a cronjob. How about EasyCron? PERL scripts OK? This particular script references a .txt file for some info to process. Will that be a problem?

The URL to the script is Does that seem right?

How may I test the script before setting up a job for realtime use?

I tried calling the script using and the browser threw a 404. I assume the browser simply can't read a .pl file, correct?

EasyCron Answer:

As long as your script is accessible via http, EasyCron will be able to trigger it.

Yes, if you can access the URL via browser, it will work.

After you add a cron job in EasyCron, you can manually trigger the URL by clicking on the test link (beaker icon).

A browser can read a .pl file but need that the server is properly configured. I think hosting staff should have an idea of what's going on.