User Question:

I've tried several times to execute a cron job on my website (URL), but it will not work. I even tried executing the home page. It says that either the URL was invalid or it timed out. Furthermore, I tried a different URL (a non-secure website) and it worked.

I'm using a shared server with iPage. I was able to use your service before, prior to switching to https. Do you think https has anything to do with it?

EasyCron Answer:

I have checked the link URL. It seems that there is something wrong with the connection from us to your server. I have contacted my server technician to check that. At the same time, could you confirm that there is no firewall that on your side blocking the our IPs?

There should be no problem with https as many of our users have https URLs.

If you're hosting with iPage. That should be a reason. I have another user who contacted us several days ago, said that his cron job was having problem these days (the cron job was working before), and he uses iPage too. So I contacted Our hosting, they said iPage blocked some of IPs (which may include EasyCron's), and they have contacted iPage for help to remove the restriction. I'm waiting for their update on this issue now. Will let you know the news.

-- UPDATE --
I have good news from our hosting. They said iPage have removed the IP restriction. Now EasyCron can access your server correctly (and fast). I just tested it :)