Cron Job API Method: timezone


Get the timezone of a user account.


token (Required)
You API token. Check authentication section for details.

Example Request[token]

In above example, [token] should be replaced with the true token string.

Example Success Response (in JSON format)


Above example response is equal to the following array:

    [status] => success
    [timezone] => Asia/Hong_Kong

Example Error Response (in JSON format)

If you use an invalid token, you may receive following error response:

{"status":"error","error":{"code":"1","message":"Wrong API token."}}

The equal readable array is:

    [status] => error
    [error] => Array
            [code] => 1
            [message] => Wrong API token.


If you make too much API requests in one day, you may receive following error:

code: 26

message: You have exceeded your max daily API request limit.