All registered users of EasyCron can utilize our API to manage their cron jobs without logging in

We implemented a REST API which is very easy to use. Below sections described how to use it.


Our endpoint checks a token string which the user should provide during every request.

Logged in user can get the token at

Example Request[method]?token=[token]&name=value

In above example, [method], [token] should be replaced with the true method name and token string. "name" and "value" are argument-value pair. You can have more than one pair of argument-value in one request.


Daily Request Quota

Different type of users have different daily request quota to Easycron's API:

Free Trial:
100 requests
1,000 requests
2,000 requests
5,000 requests
10,000 requests
Enterprise 1:
10,000 requests
Enterprise 2:
20,000 requests
Enterprise 3:
40,000 requests
Enterprise 4:
60,000 requests
Enterprise 5:
200,000 requests


We developed an API Kit (in PHP) to facilitate your development. You may download it below. For other languages' users, you may easily develop a similar Kit for your own use. You are also welcome to share your Kit with us.

Download EasyCron API Kit

API Kit Usage

Extract the you download, you will find the API class and a usage example inside.

Suggestions and Reporting Bugs

If you have any suggestion about the API or you find bugs during usage, you may contact us.